Food Allergy Resource List

As we’re surfing the web to spread the word about our food allergy app, we are finding many sites, bloggers and twitter resources.  So we thought we’d create a list.  If you have something to add, please let us know on our facebook page or on twitter.  Enjoy!

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  • Heather

    I actually blog as well and I’m composing a little something comparable to
    this specific blog post, “Food Allergy Resource List | Allergy FT”.
    Do you really mind in cases where I personallyuse a number of of your tips?
    Thanks for your effort -Priscilla

    • gsgreenberg

      nope, not at all.

  • Danny Maxwell

    All the resources listed are great, and we thank you for it. Please add link to websites that sell epioen carriers. As parents we tend to focus on researching about everything food llergies can do, we read and write in blogs, all to learn about food allergies and thanks to people like you, is now easier to do so. Unfortunately, we forget that the most important job we have, is to teach our children to live with food allergies and make sure they learn that they need to carry their Epipens for the rest of their lives. We have lost too many children and teens that would be alive yoday if they had their epipen on them. I recomment the waistpal waist epipen sling for all children under 16 and the legbuddy for older teens and adults. Having the epipens inside a pouch with a belt hook didnt work for our child. Everyday I wish that Someone would have told me that kids and teens will only carry their epipens if they can hide them.

  • Elizabeth Goldenberg

    For Danny, who requested a link to EpiPen carriers, these are available on Having medication within reach at all times saves lives. We have a carrying case that slides onto your own belt for teens and men, who may want them to be even more discreet. Also, there is an online anaphylaxis first aid course at Carrying epinephrine is of little use if one doesn’t know when to use it and what to do next.